Recertification & refresher classes

Please note that ASQ schedules the various certification exams on a rotating schedule. Therefore, not all certification exams are available each and every exam period. For a complete list of certification exams, exam dates, and application deadlines, please visit the national ASQ website exam page at or call ASQ at 1-800-248-1946.

Special Notes Regarding Certification Exams:

ASQ Certifications (including exam scheduling, registration, content, and scoring) are managed by the ASQ national organization. For complete information and details regarding ASQ Certifications, please visit the national ASQ website at or call them directly at 1-800-248-1946. 

Recipients of Certification Scholarships for 2018:

Justin Rossow – Certified Biomedical Auditor

Tracy Melin – Certified Quality Engineer

John Saporta - Certified Quality Engineer

Please let us know if you have been newly certified in 2018 or 2019 @ We give out a limited number of $200 to an ASQ Madison 1217 section member (current membership) who has successfully passed one of the ASQ certification exams for the first time certification for a particular Body of Knowledge. Re certifications do not qualify for a $200 award. Just need to present or send a copy of your ASQ certificate for documentation to the Chair or Co-Chair.

refresher classes:

See the ASQ site at