Name                                     ASQ Position                                     Email

Dave Schroeder                       Chair                                              

Mark Soderberg                      Immediate Past Chair                

Abhik Bhattacharya              Vice Chair                                    

Justin Rossow                           Treasurer                                   

John Saporta                            Secretary                                      

Jack Hoffman                          Auditing Chair                            

Leadership Team                    Internet Manager                       

Gary Bidwell                           Membership Chair/
                                                  Voice of Customer Chair         

Open                                        Education & Program Chair               

Gussie Lewis                           Newsletter  / Publicity Chair     

Tracy Melin                          Nominations Chair/                    
                    Program Committee Co-chair            

Russ Bessemer                      Arrangements Chair                    

Rhonda Hasz                          Scholarship Chair                         

Mike Wolfe                            Certification, Examining, &
                                                  Re-certification Chair                     

Moira Klos                              Historian                                             

Within ASQ Section 1217 Madison, there are many opportunities to get involved.  We are always in need of willing volunteers (RU credits earned). If you are interested in volunteering, fill out the form below or contact the chair directly.

Volunteer opportunities include, but are not limited to:
Leadership Team
Programming and Education Committee
Finance Committee

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