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apics/asq joint meeting

The sinking of the titanic - a root cause analysis

UW-Platteville Assistant Business Professor Mary Bartling will lead the group through exercises on Root Cause Analysis using the sinking of the Titanic as an example. The essence of the Titanic activity is to get participants to create a cause and effect diagram (fishbone) and a process mapping diagram.  After a root cause is established on the fishbone diagram, the process mapping diagram is created showing what they would have done (that is, specific steps) to save more passengers.

Speaker: mary bartling

Bio sketch:

Mary Bartling is Assistant Professor of Business at UW-Platteville and has spent 36 years working in the fields of data analysis, supply chain, ERP, and Purchasing and Management. 

She has worked for iconic companies such as Harley Davidson, Miller Coors, General Electric, and the Bon-Ton Stores.  She is a certified Green Belt.

She teaches Predictive Analytics, Supply Chain, Management, and Intro to ERP classes at the university and her current areas of research are Predictive Analytics and Big Data and Cognitive Computing



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Event Location
The Radisson Hotel
517 Grand Canyon Drive
Madison, WI  53719


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Photo: Build #1 Tinker Toy
 Photo: Group Shot of Build Team 

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